MS Access 2003 Autocorrect bug

I think Microsoft makes mistakes while immoderately helping to meet beginners. So for example Update Query in MS Access 2003. I had to update record in table “list_of_computers” with field named “MS04-011”. I wrote Query in follwing format: (SQL View)

UPDATE list_of_computers INNER JOIN data_to_update 
ON list_of_computers.ComputerName = data_to_update.ComputerName 
SET list_of_computers.[MS04-011] = [data_to_update]![MS04-011] 
WHERE ((([data_to_update]![ComputerName])=[list_of_computers]![ComputerName])); 

Next I saved the Query and run it. MS Access showed window “Enter Parameter Value” with request for value of field “MS04-11”. While I was thinking about the request I observed changed name of field from

db.[MS04-011] = data_to_update! [MS04-011]


db.[MS04-11] = data_to_update![MS04-011]

I had any options of Autocorrect disabled. It looks that autocorrect corrects names of fields in case that name of field is number…

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