Solving problem with Exchange transactional logs after blackout

Transaction logs were stored on HW mirrored drives. On friday before was created Full Backup to tape. On monday blackout during storm destroyed mirroring with transaction logs. Information Store Service crashed and trancastion logs too.

Fortunately HW vendor supplied new disks for broken mirror with rescued data. Local admin created RAID without rescued Transactional logs and run Information Store(IS). IS created new Transactional logs with new signature ID. Because signature of Database was not same as signature of Tranastional logs, database mount failed. Recreated file E00.log has signature

Create time:07/10/2007 16:39:06 Rand:10601899 Computer:

Jittery admin run restore of database from friday which failed with

ESE 457 Information Store (3872) Restore0001: The log signature of the existing logfile E00.log doesn't match the logfiles from the backup set. Logfile replay cannot succeed unless all signatures match. ESE BACKUP 904 Information Store (3872) Callback function call ErrESECBRestoreComplete ended with error 0xC8000262 Existing log file has bad signature. ESE BACKUP 903 Information Store (3872) Restore from directory J:\temp\First Storage Group ended with error (Existing log file has bad signature.)

Signature of database had different signature

Create time:07/18/2006 18:11:09 Rand:3433931 Computer:

In folder “Restore Temporary Path” on “J:\temp\First Storage Group” since restore remain files “restore.env” and “E004f29.log”. I checked signatures of all databases and logs and I saw recreated transactional logs “E00.log” is not correct. MS reported similar error in KB299000 “You cannot mount a database after an online restore operation”, but with another Description of Event No. 903:

ESE BACKUP 903 Information Store (3368) Restore from directory q:\tmp1\SG01 ended with error (Error returned from an ESE function call (-610).

I had erase recreated files “E00.log”, “E00.chk”, etc. and re-run restore of database. And the problem were solved.

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