TMG service ISASTGCTRL failed with %%-1073741823

TMG Server Enterprise Edition after recovery from old backup doesn’t TMG show management console and service ISASTGCTRL is stopped. In Event Viewer is error:

The ISASTGCTRL service terminated with the following error: %%-1073741823

Enterprise Edition stores configuration data in Active Directory. In my case restored server from old backup displays NETLOGON errors connecting Domain Controller

Solution: disconnect TMG server from network, change system time to time of backup’s creation, restart TMG server, change system time to current, connect to network and restart TMG server again. After that TMG service ISASTGCTRL starts, connects to Active Directory and management console starts, too.

  1. valente left a comment on January 18, 2017 at 11:37 PM

    thanks for posting this .. it really helped me out after a I ran a system restore of a server 2008 r2 UAG DA box.

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